Dette har skjedd og skal skje i Gloomhaven.

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Vi har oppnådd

Global Achievement
Ancient Technology
The Merchant Flees
The Power of Enhancement
Water Breathing
The Rift Neutralized

Party Achievement
First Step
Jekserah's Plans
Stonebreaker's Censer
Jekserah's Plans
Dark Bounty
The Septer an the Voice
The Voice's Command
The Voice's Treasure
The Drakes Treasure
An invitation

Eventyr vi har spilt
Black Barrow
Barrow Lair
Inox Encampment
Clockwork Cove
Gloomhaven Warehaouse
Frozen Hollow
Forgotten Crypt
Temple of the Seer
Chained Isle
Burning Mountain
Crypt of the Damned
Decaying Crypt
Necromancer's Sanctum
Vibranet Grotto
Ruinous Crypt
Temple of the Eclipse
Drake Nest
Mountain Pass
Ruinous Rift
Echo Camber
Shrine of the Depths
Icecrag Ascent
Savvas Armory
Outer Ritual Chamber
Ancient Defense Network
Forgotten Grove
Alchemy Lab

Eventyr som venter
Abandond Sewers
Ancient Cistern
Outer Ritual Chamber
Decrepit Wood
Scorched Summit
Doom Trench
Ancient Defense Network
Realm of the Voice
Forgotten Crypt(Mangler en kiste)
Timeworn Tomb
Harrower Hive

Eventyr som ennå ikke er klare, men vi kan se på kartet
Plane of night

Eventyr vi aldri får spilt
Plane of Elemental Power

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